Safety Related

CP-Newmont-Mine-768x1024Captain Plumb sees opportunities where others might see roadblocks.  One of the most effective and dynamic motivational safety speakers in the country, Plumb illustrates the importance of embracing safety as a cornerstone to company morale, production and profitability. He is an expert at incorporating company jargon and industry buzzwords to reach the hearts and minds of each audience.

Whether your company is focusing on accident prevention, hazard recognition, or risk assessment – or if your meeting points are centered on injury & frequency rates, bad or good – Charlie Plumb’s presentation will be as he is, sincere, straightforward, humorous, and tailored to your specific needs.

For thirty plus years, Captain Plumb has been a part of safety conferences, safety stand-downs, safety awards banquets, workshops, seminars and retreats.  He has presented to hundreds of companies, thousands of employees and all levels of management in industries across the board, privately owned companies, military, and government.

“Safety is not a program,” says Plumb, “It’s a culture, and attitude is the secret to better safety!”.

Schedule Captain Charlie Plumb, Hall of Fame award winning speaker, to impact your next safety meeting.