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More than 30% of every presentation is tailor made to meet the clients prescribed needs and desires. These are some of the most requested topics that Captain Plumb is asked to weave into his message:

 The Power of Choice: In a daily routine, or in a communist prison camp, each of us has the choice to succeed, to fail…or to become the victim of circumstances.

 Adversity: Viewed as opportunity and challenge, adversity encourages growth, and propels us beyond self-imposed limits.

 Teamwork: In a world where downsizing forces us to do more with less, we must empower the team. “Packing parachutes” can mean the difference in survival. Yours, and your teams!

 Change: Invariably, just about the time things feel comfortable, change hits. And whether that change is positive or negative it can be disturbing and difficult to adjust to. Yet, it’s during those times that ones true value shows up, in taking the risks necessary to adapt to change.

 Empowerment: Each of us has assets we often times don’t tap into until we’re challenged. Whether or not we realize it, we each have the inner strength and resources to meet whatever business or personal challenges come our way.


Captain Plumb will customize his message to fit any title or theme that you create, however he is often asked for suggestions. Here are a few presentation titles that have been used by various industries:

Tough Choices in Challenging Times, Overcoming Adversity, Believe it! Achieve it!, Power of Purpose, People with Passion Performing with Pride, No One Flies Alone, Top Gun Tips for Peak Performance, Today / Tomorrow / Together, Born to Shine, The Power of Choice, Daring by Design


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