Hi Captain Plumb!   Thanks for the response.  My Newmont coworkers and I remember fondly the time you spent with us launching our safety journey, and it has proven successful!  We have improved over 70% on our injury rate since we started.  Thanks for being a part of it-  Thanks for all you have given in service as well.  All the best to you.
Brian Marczak
Newmont Mining

I was recently privileged to see and hear Capt. Plumb in person.  I must say, he is by far the most gifted, inspiring speaker walking this planet!  I thought I had “seen everything and heard everything.”  I sat there dumbfounded hearing this man’s heroic story – and understanding how my life is better because of the lessons he learned.  I consider getting the chance to hear his message, in person, one of the greatest privileges I have ever had, and probably ever will!
Brian Conradt
U.S. Cellular

My whole life was changed by Captain Plumb’s inspiring talk about choices and attitudes!  I came to our meeting ranked 37th in my area; within the year, I was the “2nd Top Performer” in my company.  God bless!
Barb Wachek
Bank of Montreal

We continue to receive excellent feedback on the conference – significantly because what many have described as your powerful, life-altering presentation.  Your presentation provided our Frontline Leaders with a new perspective on the adversity and challenges faced by each of us, and a renewed commitment to success through the understanding that sometimes, in order to succeed, one has to think outside the “8 inches between our ears,” take a risk, and “tug on a wire.”  Thank you for allowing our leaders to grow from your adversity and inspiration.
Scott Hammond, Vice President

From the preparation, to the audience reaction, your grade was excellent!  You took Rob’s pre-program information and weaved it perfectly into your presentation.  You gave us many messages and words of inspiration.  In each one of us are elements for success, if we choose to use them.  The triumph and adversity in our daily lives becomes miniscule in comparison to your experiences – yet you validate them all equally.  Your positive spirit is an example, and an inspiration for all of us.
Mike Walsh

You cannot begin to imagine how many people came to me to thank me for including you in our Sales Kickoff!  I have had the honor to know you for many years and hire you on several occasions.  As always, your presentation content and delivery was superb!  I have only ever disagreed with you on one thing – the title of your book.  I’m No Hero!  I am a better man, father, husband and manager because of you.
Joel Brunsen, President

I was fortunate to hear Charlie Plumb at a Chevron convention many years ago.   Please let him know that because of him, we all continue to “Keep the Faith”.   He continues to be one of my own personal heroes.
Linda Lane
Chevron Motor Oil

I have heard thousands of speakers including: professional athletes, business motivational speakers, persons of the cloth, professional comics and entertainers.  Charlie’s talk touched me like no other ever has.
David Clifton
Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

Thank you for delivering an exceptional keynote address at our annual meeting.  Your contribution during our opening session played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the conference.  Your presentation clearly enthralled the audience and will, no doubt, have a deep and lasting effect on those who heard it.
Sara Stephens, President
Appraisal Institute

I am a Cardiovascular Specialist for the New Orleans East territory.  It was with great hesitation that I attended our annual sales meeting… just one month, to the day, after Katrina made her appearance and devastated our people.  But thank God I did attend!  That meeting has been, and continues to be the renaissance of my life!  Why?  Because of you!  Charlie Plumb!  I now choose to control my destiny.  I will survive, and succeed!  Thank you for sparking the light we all so desperately need.
Sherry Melancon
Scios, Inc.

Your message will be with all of us for the rest of our lives.  Our meeting was unanimously voted the best ever, and it was because of your talk.  Your message resonated with every single person.  Perhaps, most significantly, was your explanation of life being full of choices and our ability to choose even to FAIL, being one of them.
Bob Embry
Delta Steel

The way you wove your personal story to draw us in was amazing! I was right there with you mentally.  You had me with those first footsteps in the dark.  I will “pack my parachute” and make sure all 18 panels are there.  Thanks you so very much for your gift of words.
Jo Anne Ahrens RN, MS, CDE
Diabetes Management Consultant
Medtronic Diabetes

Let me thank Captain Plumb for the impact he made on me 21 years ago – and let him know that his legacy continues in the men and women serving today.  Sir, you are truly a hero!
Thomas A. Ventriglia, Lt Col, USAF
Commander, 363rd Training Squadron

I was captivated by your  message.  I looked you straight in your eyes the entire time, looking for your pain.  All I saw was triumph.  I kept listening for your defeats.  All I heard were your victories!  To say you were inspirational would be an understatement, even now, more than 20 years later.
Jeanette Jordan
Department of Veterans Affairs

Our lives have been, and will continue to be, ever so much richer and more satisfying  since we heard you speak.  It was years ago, but we still hear your words like it was yesterday.  We just felt you should know.
Brent Revert
United Airlines

Hearing Charlie speak about adversity being a terrible thing… to WASTE, and the position of ‘parachute packer’ taking many forms, has changed my current ‘imprisoned’ thoughts into feelings of inspiration.  I want to thank him for motivating me to move forward, kick down the mental prison walls, and start packing parachutes.
David Reaney

Captain, your talk at the Naval Academy, so many years ago, changed my life forever!   I think it is important to remind you of the remarkable impact you can have on, just one life.  Now I am in the position to carry on your message.  Thank you for emphasizing that it is a vital part of the human experience to help others, and where applicable, “Pack their Parachute”.  You sure did it for me!  And now for those who serve with me.
James Farmer, 1st Lieutenant
U.S. Army

I just attended Charlie’s presentation – it was a superb testimonial on overcoming adversity and keeping on keeping on!  Thank you, Charlie, for sharing and for helping me to be a better servant to my clients and to my firm.
Doug Smith
Raymond James, Ltd.

I went to see Captain Plumb yesterday at the St. Louis VAMC having no idea who I was going to listen to, other than a “motivational speaker.”  What I did not know was that I was going to have the opportunity to listen to someone who was prepared to give his very life for my freedom, and that of generations to come.  For that, I am forever grateful.  God has truly blessed you with the gift of inspiring others to step out of our mental boxes and to humbly thanks those, in our lives, who prepare our parachutes.  Thank you, Captain Plumb, for your service.  May God bless you, your family and the United States of America.
Rene Taylor
Homeless Veterans Coordinator
VA Medical Center, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Thanks to Captain Plumb’s riveting speech and analogies, I was able to take away something more than how to succeed in the corporate world.  I was inspired to see how blessed I really am, and have a new way of viewing life and it’s obstacles.  Captain’s messages will play a role in my life every time I face hardship, and happiness.
Merrill Lynch

I have attended and hosted many kick-off meetings throughout  my career, but never have I heard a more compelling message.  Your enthusiastic, humble delivery is superb, and your experience and positive attitude are an inspiration to all.
Bert McConnell
Integrated Systems Solutions Corp.

…during your speech, I watched the recruiters in the room as they laughed with you, and then dried their eyes with you.  After your speech was finished, you received one of the most awesome standing ovations I have ever witnessed.  Your story is incredible, and the way you weave it into every day life is powerful, to say the least.  The fact that you not only survived, but went on to prosper greatly, is an inspiration to us all.
Bob Rolloff, PN1,USNR, Retired

I have had a lot of people tell me that you are one of the two most impressive speeches in our company’s history.  Thank you for what you have done for my country, my company, my family, and myself.  God Bless America.
Brian Moore
Garland Company

I cannot begin to tell you how your story has touched my heart and changed my life – professionally and personally.  Your message will live in the hearts and minds of all who hear you – from that moment on.
Ima King
GMAC Real Estate

Captain Plumb was the keynote speaker for our company Summit.  As I sat in the front row and heard his story I went through all of the possible emotions – from having my eyes well up with tears, to feeling goose bumps with each word, to being inspired by the trials turned to successes.  I will take away the fact that we all have a choice, in every element of our life.
Andrea Marcum
Hoar Program Management

I was pleasantly surprised when a police widow I have known for years sent me an email regarding you.  I remembered how much you meant to me and my group 20 years ago, and it is still appreciated today!
Pat Monaghan
Milwaukee Police Department

You are so inspirational, and your message will not soon be forgotten.  Thank you again for what you have done for our country, and for the inspiration you give to others.  You are a remarkable man.
Kara Fultz
DAC Group

Thank you so much for your most inspiring, courageous and informative presentation.  Your speech was the most inspiring one I have ever heard, and I’ve heard numerous – including Lou Holtz and Al Mcguirre.  Your long-lasting impact will be tremendous.  The entire group was absolutely spellbound with you and your persona.  You, Captain Plumb, are more than a motivational speaker, you are a Motivation at the highest human level.  Thank you for being a great American and a True-HERO.
Gary Michel
Medtronic Emergency Response Systems

Our conference evaluation results are back and you hit a home run!  You are the only agenda segment ranked with both “High Importance” and “High Satisfaction”. The entire group gave “High Five’s” to our keynote speaker, Charlie Plumb, for his moving and inspirational presentation.
Hilton Hotels

Captain Charlie Plumb is truly an extraordinary speaker with a wonderfully effective delivery and powerful content.  I was particularly impressed by how well he established metaphors between his POW experience and the challenges faced by business leaders.  It strikes me that virtually everyone I know would benefit from his message: executives, leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, even lawyers.  We all need to be reminded about the important things in life, and how vital it is to manage our own destinies.
Bob Herson / President
Executive Focus International, Inc.

I am very proud that Wells Fargo chose such a man of character as our speaker.  I enjoyed how you took your captivity situation, and our mortgage industry, and blended it so that it would make me a better mortgage banker.
Kathy Davis
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I know your office is probably SO used to this, but my client LOVED Captain Plumb!  These guys were tough cookies, but you managed to make a great impression on every single person in the room!  I was told that even the “saltiest” guys were effected.  I will continue generating every opportunity I can for us to continue working together.
Virginia Dodge
VA Productions, Inc.

Your motivational message and emotional impact on our audience was exceptional!  We believe that each and every one of our 300+ attendees took a message with them that will be forever embedded in their hearts and minds.  Your message was delivered with amazing intensity – no words can explain.  You are the first motivational-type speaker we have hosted at this Semi-Annual Summit and because of your strong message and polished delivery, we will continue to consider speakers similar speakers to you.  (If they exist!)
Peggy Cunningham
Progressive Group Alliance

You skillfully weaved the challenges our company faces into your personal experience and, in doing so, bolstered our resolve to do what it takes to improve, to grow, and to prosper.  Please accept my deepest appreciation for your significant contribution to our meeting, and more importantly, to our future.
Kevin Rich, Executive Vice President
Clark & Reid

Your experiences and your ability to overcome the harshest of conditions touched me in a profound way.  Not only was I touched professionally, but I have always been a “tough love” kind of manager.  Your presentation made me realize that you are so right about my staff – “they don’t care how much I know until they know how much I care!”  Thank you for your service to our country, and thank you for helping me dig deep into myself.
Chris Girard, General Manager